Jesus tells us to store treasures in heaven.  When he says this, he means that we should want the kinds of things that help others and worship Jesus rather than things like toys and money and nice clothes.  We can have those things, but Jesus asks us to care more about others and about God than about those things.  
If some of our toys and clothes are made in ways that hurt people, do you think they are "treasures" we should ask for?  Or, should we ask people to help us find toys and clothes that help people around the world - so that we can have treasures both here and in heaven?

Read these verses with your family:
Isaiah 10:1-3
You people are in for trouble! You have made cruel and unfair laws that let you cheat the poor and needy and rob widows and orphans. But what will you do when you are fiercely attacked and punished by foreigners? Where will you run for help? Where will you hide your treasures?

Matthew 6:19-20
Don't store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them, and thieves can break in and steal them. Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them.

Ask your parents what these verses mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they tell us about God?  What do you think about cheating the poor and robbing orphans and widows?  Do you think that maybe when orphans, widows, and poor people have to make our clothes and toys without pay or without fair pay those might not be the best Christmas presents to ask for?  Talk with your family about how Jesus might want us to celebrate Christmas because of these verses.

Then pray this prayer:
Dear Jesus,
We want to store our treasures in heaven.  We want to want the things you want and to care for poor people, orphans, and widows all over the world.  Forgive us for the times we have accidentally cheated them and help us to make better choices in the future.  Please help us to store our treasures in heaven and not to want too many things that hurt people around the world.  Amen.

Then connect the dots on this color sheet and color it in.  While you do, think about the things you treasure and what things Jesus might want you to treasure and ask for on his birthday.

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