in the Bible, God tells us that he is a judge.  He judges what is right and what is wrong so that people who are being hurt by other people can be defended.

In today's Bible verses, God tells us a little about how he judges.  

Read these verses with your family.  Ask your parents what they mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they say about God?  What kinds of things, in these Bible verses, does God judge as wrong?  Talk with your family about what that means for how we celebrate Christmas this year.

Psalm 82.1-4
When all of the other gods have come together, the Lord God judges them and says:
"How long will you keep judging unfairly and favoring evil people?

Be fair to the poor and to orphans.
Defend the helpless and everyone in need.
Rescue the weak and homeless from the powerful hands of heartless people."

Pray with your family:
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for being a good judge who takes care of needy people and those who are easy to hurt.  Thank you for being fair and taking care of children with no parents.  We are so happy that you take care of weak people and people without homes.  We're sorry for the ways and the times when we forget to love those people you care for.  Please help us to love and care for them on your birthday this year.

Then, color this color sheet as a way of praising the God who judges in a way that protects people who are easy to hurt and praying for everyone to be free and well cared for this Christmas!

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