God sent Jesus to us 2000 years ago to teach about what it means and what it looks like to obey God and also to set us free from the ways the wrong things we do trap us.  When Jesus went back up to the heavens, he sent us to do the same for the world.

Some of the wrong things we do can feel like a prison or a dark dungeon.  But Jesus wants to set us free from that.
Jesus also wants to set people free who are in real prison and dungeons.  Some of the things we like to buy at Christmas time are made by people who are forced to make them without getting paid.  Often they are kept in places that are like prisons.

Read these Bible verses with your family and talk about what they mean.  As your parents what they mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they say about God?  What do they say about how God wants us to live and what things God wants us to do?  Ask you parents what these verses mean for how we celebrate Christmas?

isaiah 42.5-9
I am the LORD God. I created the heavens like an open tent above.  
I made the earth and everything that grows on it.
I am the source of life for all who live on this earth, so listen to what I say.
I chose you to bring justice, and I am here at your side.
I selected and sent you to bring light and my promise of hope to the nations.
You will give sight to the blind; you will set prisoners free from dark dungeons.
My name is the LORD! I won't let idols or humans share my glory and praise.
Everything has happened just as I said it would; now I will announce what will happen next.

Then pray this prayer:
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for making the world and everything in it.  Thank you for being a light when things are dark.  And thank you for sending me to be a light when things are dark.  Help me to understand what justice is and to bring it as you've asked me to.  Help me to be a light in the dark and to celebrate  your birthday in a way that sets people free rather than keeping them in prisons.  And, Jesus, let everyone who sees every good thing I do this Christmas know that it is because of you.  Amen.

Now, color this color sheet.  Think about ways that you can be a light to other people.  Once you've colored it, think about giving it to someone you think could use some light or h


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