God loves and takes care of poor people.  When Jesus was on Earth, he encouraged people to give to poor people.  What if, for Christmas, instead of asking people to give you presents, you asked them to give things to poor people?

Read these verses with your family:
Psalm 9:8-10
You judge the world fairly and treat all nations with justice.
The poor can run to you because you are a fortress in times of trouble.

Everyone who honors your name can trust you, because you are faithful to all who depend on you.

Ask your parents what these verses mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they say about God?  There are people around the world who are poor and treated unfairly so that toys and clothes and many other things can be cheaper for us here.  What do you think God thinks about this?  Talk with your parents about how Jesus might want us to celebrate his birthday because of these verses.

Also, talk with your family about how you can help poor people - how you could be a "fortress in times of trouble" for them.

Then pray this prayer with your family:
Dear Jesus, thank you for being fair and just even when we are not.  Thank you for taking good care of poor people even when we do not.  Help us to remember to love poor people.  And please help us to celebrate your birthday in a way that is fair and just to all people.  Amen.

Then color this color sheet as a way to pray for poor people in your town and around the world.


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