In the Bible, we are told that Jesus is a light that shines in the darkness.  There are many people, 27 million, around the world who are forced to work without being paid or without the choice to leave.  They are not treated fairly.  And they make a lot of the things we buy.  Being forced to work without pay or the ability to leave probably feels very dark.  But Jesus came to be a light in darkness - a sunny day for those who need it.  This Christmas, maybe we can help these people see the light of Jesus' love that is shining on them.

Read these verses with your family.Isaiah 59:8-9
You don't know how to live in peace or to be fair with others.
The roads you make are crooked; your followers cannot find peace.
No one has come to defend us or to bring about justice.
We hoped for a day of sunshine, but all we found was a dark, gloomy night.

Ask your parents what these verses mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they say about God?  What do they say about how we sometimes do wrong things that hurt others?  What do you think about these verses and about Jesus being light in darkness?  How do you think Jesus might want us to celebrate his birthday this year because of these verses?  How can we be more fair and peaceful and bring justice?  Talk to your parents about this.

Then pray this prayer:
Dear Jesus,
Thanks for being light in darkness.  I'm sorry for the times that I'm not fair to others.  I wish there were no slaves in the world and I am sad that many of the things we buy are made by them.  Jesus, be light in darkness to them.  Be their sunny day.  And please help me to celebrate your birthday by being fair to and caring for all people all over the world.  Amen.

Then color this color sheet as a prayer for people who need a sunny day this Christmas season.


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