Read these verses with your family:
Psalm 146.5-9
The LORD God of Jacob blesses everyone who trusts him and depends on him.
God made heaven and earth; he created the sea and everything else. God always keeps his word.
He gives justice to the poor and food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free and heals blind eyes.  He gives a helping hand to everyone who falls. The LORD loves good people and looks after strangers.
He defends the rights of orphans and widows, but destroys the wicked.

Ask your parents what these verses mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they tell us about God?  How does God treat poor, hungry, and imprisoned people?  How do you think God wants us to treat them?   Talk with your family about how Jesus might want us to celebrate Christmas because of these verses.

Then pray this prayer:
Dear Jesus,
I'm so glad that you take care of poor people, of prisoners, of people in need of help, of strangers, orphans and widows.  Thank you for taking care of me and of the whole world.  Help me to take care of the world too this Christmas.  Amen.

Then color this color sheet and pray for God to keep taking good care of people all over the world.  Ask God to help you find ways to take good care of people all over the world too.

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