Read this verse with your family:
The LORD God has told us
   what is right
   and what he demands:
   "See that justice is done,
   let mercy be your first concern,
   and humbly obey your God."

Ask your parents what these verses mean.  How do they make you feel?  What do they tell us about God?  How do you think God might want us to behave?  What do you think this verse means for us at Christmas?

Then say this prayer:

Dear Jesus, thanks for teaching us what is right.  Help us to learn more about what's right.  Help us to do things that are just and merciful and to obey you, especially on Christmas!  We can't wait to celebrate you in four days!  Amen.

Then color this color sheet and think about what justice, mercy and humility mean.  Ask you parents if you are unsure.


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