advent calendars have lost a lot of meaning.  they pretty much help kids count down to the day they get their presents.  however, the heart of advent is waiting. longing. preparing...for Christ to come.  for the Messiah who sets us free.

so, this advent, midtown friends community will be seeking God's Kingdom by reading passages about justice, learning about global slavery, and sharing what we learn with others.

we invite you to join us.
if you are from an evangelical tradition like ours, you may wonder why we would want to share information about slavery with people rather than sharing Christ....but can't they happen all at once?  when we share why we are dedicated to fighting slavery - because of the Jesus manifesto in Luke 4 - we share the heart of the Gospel and compelling proof that God changes lives and is changing the world.

so, we hope you'll join us on this journey and check in here for stories we have to share from our advent journey.
11/12/2010 06:19:47 am

Actually, we have been looking for an advent calendar for The Well, an organic church fellowship in Yorba Linda. Can't wait to joining the celebration of Advent and build anticipation with our little community for remembrance of the Incarnation.



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