I have been collecting materials for the handmade gifts workshops Midtown Friends is hosting on the Sundays in November and December leading up to Christmas. They are going to be set up kind of like an old time sewing circle with a modern urban twist. Each week has a theme medium/material. Anyone who likes to work with that medium/material can bring their projects and supplies to work on while hanging out and listening to good music. If you have extra supplies that you are interested in sharing or bartering, please feel free to bring them and take home anything that doesn't get traded or used. If you don't usually work with the medium, come anyway and learn a few techniques from others. This is a swap of resources and talents. We all have something we are good at! I

 have been collecting materials for the first two weeks and I think I over did it a little. The first theme material for Sunday 11.14 is yarn I have yarn for a cute yellow crib blanket, a gray man scarf, and a blue blanket (but I have to learn to pearl to make that one. I can knit a basic garter stitch scarf or blanket, but I don't really know how to crochet well (just a chain stitch). I am interested in learning how to crochet, so I would probably take my yellow yarn in hopes that someone might want to teach me, but bring my gray yarn to work on my scarf if no one is available to teach me to crochet. 

The second theme material for Sunday 11.21 is fabric. I have material to make lovie blankies for my 11 month old son Cohen, who loves soft minky fabric, and silky satin edges. I also have fabric to make a cool cape for my four year old nephew and a tutu for my almost three year old niece (her birthday is the day after Christmas so I have to make her two gifts). I am not great on a sewing machine, as I said in the previous post, but I know enough to make the base for the blankies and probably even the cape (I will have had some practice as I am making five capes for Halloween this year - our group is dressing as superheroes to trick-or-treat for canned food to restock the River City Food Bank that burned down last week). I think the binding on the blankies (like on the green polka dot one) is going to be my challenge, but I am hoping we can get some better seamstresses out that Sunday to show me what to do. The tutu is a no sew project that I can do if all else fails.
I really encourage you all to join us if you are in the Sacramento area on Sundays (beginning 11.14) from 2-5 pm. If you are not local, don't fret! Host your own crafting exchanges! they don't have to be themed, just have a place for people to craft together and swap resources and materials! 


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