Kind of embarrassing, but this is my craft closet. I have everything I need to make cards, photo albums, jewelry, blankets, scarves, Christmas ornaments, hair clips, and loads of other stuff. I am only supposed to keep as much craft stuff as will fit in this closet, but it totally overflows. I also have a wall mounted set of shelves, all the under-desk storage, and a bunch of stuff stashed under our kitchen table. I have way too many hobbies and way too much stuff. Like me, many of you crafters out there have a lot of stuff. Probably enough to share, right? I guess the point of this blog is to show you that you don't have to spend money to make your Orange Christmas gifts. You can shop in your own home! Try to think of gifts you can make using the stuff you already have! My main issue is going through it all to find the things I need! i always end up buying more when I can't find something. It is time to break that habit. My other problem is not wanting to pull out all my stuff to craft and make a mess at home! Here is where the workshops come in handy for me. I am so excited to spend time crafting with friends outside of my home! I always get more inspired around other people. Hope to see you at some workshops if you are in Sacramento or to hear about workshops you are hosting elsewhere! And if you are brave enough, let's see some photos of your stashes!

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